Keyboard Problems

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Keyboard Problems

I have a Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5234 Laptop that I bought in November. I was working perfectly up until yesterday when I began having problems with the keyboard. The control, enter, and shift buttons do not work, along with some of the number keys which only work about a third of the time. When I push some buttons other characters pop up (for example, if I push e, I get 3de). It did not happen all at once, every time I turned the computer off and then on again I realized that another key stopped working.


I really love my laptop and have important things saved to it, what can I do to fix the problem while still keeping my laptop and the documents?  

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Re: Keyboard Problems

The first thing I'd recommend doing is back up all of your documents now while you're still able to do so easily. It's always good to keep a backup.


Does the keyboard malfunction in Safe Mode as well?

- Peter